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Air shipping to Manila in Philippines from Guangzhou China

air shipping to Manilla capital city in Philippines by airport to airport from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, HK, the minimum weight at least 50 kilogram. different weight different price.

50 kg - 100 kg   20 RMB per kg.

100 kg - 200 kg  19 RMB per kg

200 kg - 300 kg   18 RMB per kg

300 kg - 500 kg 17 RMB per kg

500 kg above 16 RMB per kg

the price is Airport to Airport price.

Goods have to send to our warehouse in Guangzhou or in Shenzhen.

Export customs service charge is 500RMB per shipment.

if shipping 800 KG goods from Guangzhou. the cost like    500 RMB + 800 KG X  16 RMB = 13300 RMB

Any details concern contact us by call left side phone number.

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