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Guangzhou air shipping to Singapore
Guangzhou air shipping to Singapore International Express -Fast and Most Convenient Way
For shipping less than 200Kg common products, there’s almost no better choice than sending by international express. If you can’t afford the express fee, maybe you can buy more products and ship together by sea freight, or you have to give up and buy from local suppliers.

International express (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) is suitable for high-value products or products which need to be delivered to certain place very soon, such as fashion products including jewelry, clothing, or electronics.

There is one important thing you should keep in mind when using international express: they calculate the bulky cargo by dimension weight (length*width*height/5000). If you ship 200 mugs to Canada by DHL, the weight is 200g/mug, but the dimension weight is 300g/mug, then DHL will charge by 300g/mug. So that means products with big space will cost a lot express express-FedEx