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import goods from China to Singaproe
Cargo which we can ship from China to Singapore
General cargo: Household appliances, digital, mobile phone, computer, Home Furnishing, furniture, decoration, kitchen utensils, textiles, shoes, bags, outdoor sports, automotive supplies, toys, etc.We suggestion you confirm with our sales before booking.

The cargo which We don't ship from China to Singapore by sea
The car battery (a liquid / sulfuric acid / hydrochloric acid), gambling, gaming machine, electric Mody entrusted cars, car (whole), fireworks, flammable and explosive goods, lighter, mobile phone, laptop computer, gold and silver jewelry, medicine, and alcohol / tobacco, and the provisions of the state to prohibit the export of all goods

Shipping Volume calculation methods
1.1CBM=500KGS 2.At least 1CBM, it is mean below 1CBM the total cost is the same as shipping 1CBM.Such as:1.3CBM cargo, weitht= 800KS, volume will choose 1.3CBM; Such as acutal volume=1.3CBM, weight=2000KGS. Cost volume=2000/500=4CBM
Other Shipping Notes1.
if consignee need return GST, need use consignee company to clearance, need add USD50/BL.2. delivery only to stop the truck can place, if there are have heavy, bulky goods. there are have charges for USD30/packages3. Our ship from China to Singapore price didn't includle GST