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China export air cargo to Singaproe

dducargo Freight company have very good international transport services between China and Singapore-door to door by sea freight and by air freight. Export and Import! Especially LCL sea freight ship from China to Singapore. Below are introduce about this good international freight services to you. We are sure you will love our services after use it!Ship by LCL sea freight from Guangzhou sea port or Shenzhen sea port to SingaporeNote:

only need send cargo to our warehouse, we will finish next all jobs.Total transport time is about 8days to 12days; (detail as below)A: Pick up/booking spaces/ready document/finish customs clearance in China: 2days in Guangdong province; 4days in other province.B: shipping container from Shenzhen or Guangzhou sea port to Singapore take: 4daysC: Finish customs clearance in Singapore and delivery to your door:2daysFood / food additive, cosmetics and raw materials,

china export air cargo to singapore

/ pharmaceutical raw materials, cups, dishes, some contact with eyes and ears mouth and products, education science class / Culture (books, CD, newspapers, magazines), food packaging supplies, medical supplies / equipment, supplies / health care products, nutritional supplements, food, beverage processing equipment, kitchen utensils, contact lenses. Massage chair. With wireless transmission function objects, tobacco and alcohol.