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Guangzhou to Singapore sea shipping

We engaged in China to Singapore sea shipping and air freight, door to door service, safe, quick and guaranteed, dependent the needs of your shipment, customer can choose different shipping methods, cargo can be shipped by air freight or by sea freight. If consignee needs the cargo urgently that our air freight is an option. If goods is bulk volume and not in urgent need of the goods, that our sea freight is a solution for your economy logistics  

  By customers ‘requirement that we could offer repacking service with wooden crate, foam packing. Also provide inspection service to the cargo receiving to our warehouse.  

We specialized in Guangzhou to Singapore sea shipping and other cities in China such as , Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, zhonghu, Zhuhai, whole Guangdong province cities provide door to door shipping. we calculated cubic volume and weight basic one measurement of goods actual dimension. 
Herein below knowing sea shipping and air freight price from Guangzhou to Singapore sea shipping cost and air freight cost. 

Price calculation:

1. China (Guangzhou) to Singapore shipping price:
(1)1 CBM ordinary goods price: 480 RMB + GST (7% value)
(2) 1 CBM equals weight 500 kg
(3)1 CBM = 1 m X 1 m X 1 m high
(4)shipping time: about 12 days, Singapore side will engage delivery with consignee before delivery goods to clients.
2. China (Guangzhou) to Singapore air freight price:
First 0.5kg: 40 RMB 0.5 kg
Since second 0.5kg: 0.5 kg 12 RMB
11 KG - 21 KG = 20 RMB/KG
22 KG - 45 KG = 19 RMB/KG
46 KG - 71 KG = 18 RMB/KG
72 KG to 100 KG = 17 RMB/KG
101 KG to 300 KG = 16 RMB/KG
More than 301 KG = 15 RMB/KG


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QQ: 908865002
WhatsApp: +86 15800246878
WeChat: +86 15800246878