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Alibaba shipping to Singapore

We act as a forwarder agency authorized supplier on Alibaba shipping to Singapore cargo forwarder. Buying goods directly ship from Alibaba supplier to consignee in Singapore that we shipped many years. 

There are pros and cons to each method and many retailers use a combination, or all four, to truly scale. Typically, only those brands with high revenues and margins can account for the initial spend, and continuous upkeep, required to offer customers the best of all shipping methods: unique shipping service in combination with anything and everything else for which they may be looking.

 1.gather goods from different suppliers, consolidate cargo in our warehouse and arrange door delivery.

 2.inspect the products and check the supplier's credit for you.

 3.export license provided, export customs clearance, transportation insurance.

 4.daily tracking report provided, offering personalized attention to your shipment.

 5.conceal true identity of real shipper or real consignee to protect your business secrecy.

 6.our feedback speed, any inquire from you would receive our prompt response.

 7.multiple options in routing, service as price to satisfy your own needs.

 8.excellent services at the destinations.
 as a one stop service forwarder authorized in Alibaba is trusted to all global buyers and seller 

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QQ: 908865002
WhatsApp: +86 15800246878
WeChat: +86 15800246878