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cheapest land transportation from Guangzhou to Bangkok Thailand all in cost 15800246878

We shipping goods to Thailand from China can conduct as DDU DDP terms that means goods shipping from our warehouse to consignee door operated by door to door. sending goods to Thailand also have some restriction that many illegal and forbidden cargo are not allowed to transport. we can use land transportation for LCL goods and sea shipping. air shipping also can send consignee door by DDP terms.  goods delivery only in Bangkok, 30 KM distance from our Bangkok warehouse, other city in Thailand we could not directly delivery. but can check the delivery cost by check our local office. 

      Land transportation to Bangkok is about 12 days. 

      Sea shipping to Bangkok is about 15 days. 

      General cargo and common commodities price is 1200 RMB per cbm. special goods with overweight and length has to confirm before shipping to. 

      A very simple procedure

    1. Goods must send to our warehouse in Guangzhou, if the shipper at the place is inconvenient to send goods to our warehouse, we can arrange a Car to pick up goods. but transport cost will charge back from customer. click below link to learn more details of our warehouse handle cargo procedure.

          Office Warehouse address and map :

           Warehouse Storing Introduction:

     2. Packing list must provide to us.

     3. Shipper contact and Consignee contact info must provide to us. ( Name, Phone, Address, Company name, Tax No. Passport...etc)

How to Calculate Weight and Cubic

     Most Loosen cargo are calculated by cubic and weight whichever bigger. sea shipping almost started less 1 CBM. if goods volume is 0.5 CBM, its should also calculate 1 CBM. if goods volume is 1.2 CBM. its should calculate 1.2 CBM. 

     1 CBM volume goods could not exceed to 500KG weight. if goods actual cubic is 0.8 CBM or just 1 CBM. but its weight is 700 KG. the final cubic is 700 / 500 = 1.4 CBM. 

     1 CBM = 1 meter Length X 1 meter Wide x 1 meter High (all goods accumulate together by measure its total L x W x H )

      For example: 1 box. its length is 35 cm, wide 50 cm and high 50 cm. its cubic volume is 0.087 CBM

Full container 20GP, 40GP shipping to Thailand


1. stuffing address must confirmed before we send truck and container out,  or customers send their goods to our warehouse for stuffing container

2. goods packing list must provided to us, its need customs presentation and clearance. Click download Packing list sample

3. shipper info and consignee info must provided to us  

How we charge

1. As full container price is float every week. customer must get confirmation from us before shipping container out.

2. Full container price including sea freight, carrier surcharge, port handle charge, customs charges

3. Full container freight must be paid before bill of lading issue out 

Loosen Cargo & Parcel Door to door Air shipping to Thailand


     1. cargo must be sent to our air warehouse

     2. goods packing list must be presented to us, and commodity name and description, weight, cubic volume, price must present to us as well

     3. both info of shipper and consignee must presented to us. ( Name, Phone, Address, Company name, Tax No. Passport...etc)

How to calculate weight

     Air Shipping: air cargo often charge actual weight and cubic weight whichever bigger

     For example: if a carton actual weight is 15 kg. and its cubic weight is 21 kg. so, total freight should charge as 21 weight. and if a carton's actual weight is 15 kg, and its cubic weight is 13 kg, its total freight should charge as 15 kg

     the method of calculate cubic weight as below figure

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