Door to Door Shipping

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Sending goods to Malaysia whatever East or West region we total can delivery to consignee door step without customers doing any extra works and extra payment. most economy method for commercial trading and for personal purchasing. By door to door shipping to Malaysia whole country, every city we can deliver goods to door.

To the cities:

玻璃市 Perils

丁加奴 Terengganu

哥打巴鲁 Kota Baharu

哥打基纳巴卢 Kota Kinabalu

古晋 Kuching

瓜拉丁加奴 Kuala Terengganu

关丹 Kuantan

吉打 Kedah

吉兰丹 Kelantan

吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur

加央 Kangar

马六甲 Melaka

马六甲 Melaka/Malacca

纳闽岛 Pulau Labuan

彭亨 Pahang

霹雳 Perak

柔佛 Johor

森美兰 Negeri Sembilan

沙阿兰 Shan Alam

沙巴 Sabah

沙捞越 Sarawak

新山(柔佛巴鲁) Johor Baharu

雪兰莪 Selangor

亚罗士打 Alor Star

芙蓉 Seremban

怡保 Ipoh

槟城 Pinang

槟榔屿 Pulau Pinang

All these city we can deliver to, whatever by sea or by air. below offer the best rate for the both freight.

LCL Sea Shipping Cost and procedure

1. The shipping freight is 700 RMB per CBM. all included from our warehouse to consignee door. no any extra cost.

2. The cubic meter countable at least 1 cbm. if less than 1 cbm also count as 1 cbm.

3. Ask shipper write down or stick shipping mark before delivery goods to our warehouse.

4. If need us pick up goods from our warehouse to other logistics station or shipper's warehouse, or factory...etc. let us know the address, we quote the real pick up cost. and pay first to the driver, then charge back from customer after goods ship out.

5. Provide us details packing list. consignee name, phone number, address.

6. Once goods ship out, customers have to arrange freight to us, can pay to our China account, or pay to Malaysia before delivery goods to consignee. payment method

Small Parcel Courier Express Delivery

Small parcel courier express delivery to Malaysia normally needs 2 -3 days from our warehouse to consignee door step. the price consist as below.

Goods weight less than 11 kg. the first 0.5 kg is 45 RMB and subsequent each 0.5 kg is 20 RMB

Address: JiaHeWangGang Baiyun District
Guangzhou City GuangDong Porv PRC

Cell Phone: +86 15800246878

WeChat: +86 15800246878

WhatsApp: +86 15800246878

QQ: 908865002